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Acids can be introduced to the tooth enamel and result in cavities if you drink a lot of carbonated beverages or don’t have an effective oral hygiene routine. Tooth decay will weaken more and more of the tooth enamel and worsen any dental pain or tooth sensitivity if not treated. Early cavity treatment such as a dental filling can often preserve a tooth that has been affected by tooth decay.

Dr. Christopher Burton will determine the severity of the cavity during a thorough dental exam to ensure a dental filling is optimal for the tooth. Then, he cleans away any tooth decay, leaving behind a smooth tooth surface where the dental filling will be applied.

The function and location of the decayed tooth will determine your options for dental filling material. If the tooth is prominent, we can match the dental filling to the color of the tooth enamel by placing a composite dental filling. Back teeth that are less visible but need to perform a lot of chewing often require amalgam dental fillings that are darker but also stronger.

The filling is set in the tooth with a special ultraviolet light, and we may provide additional treatment such as fluoride to ensure the tooth enamel is in good shape. Contact Conroe Dental Associates at 936-756-9884 today to schedule an appointment with our dentist if you feel you need a dental filling in Conroe, Texas.