Healthy Tooth Enamel Helps Lessen Your Chances of Developing Significant Dental Stains

Your teeth get the strength to bite and chew food thanks in large part to the mineral density of your tooth enamel. This biological mineral substance has microscopic textures and pores on the surface. If you struggle to remember to brush your teeth each morning and night or you fail... Read more »

Discover Your Hidden Smile with Cavity Prevention Treatments

If left untreated, enamel erosion can eventually cause cavities to form and ultimately trigger infections or promote tooth loss. Thus, it is important to establish an effective cavity prevention plan to keep your enamel strong and safe against the hazards some food or acids create, which cause dental erosion and... Read more »

Check with Your Dentist Before Using a New Whitening Product

Dental stains on the teeth in your mouth can be socially embarrassing. Even if you cut back on dark beverages, and tobacco use the discoloration of your tooth enamel will likely remain. Many people in this situation find themselves tempted to experiment with the whitening products sold at the retail... Read more »

When Your Child Wants to Be a Dentist

Has your child or teen told you they are interested in being a dentist? If so, that’s great news! Being a dental professional is a great career choice. There are many reasons why being a dentist can be a wonderful career, like: -Dentists do more than detect cavities. They fix... Read more »

Adults Have Dental Anxiety, Too

 A past negative experience at the dentist oftentimes creates dental anxiety, which makes your upcoming appointments scary. Our team wants you to have the best dental experience at our office, and we are happy to help you make that happen. We have some ideas that may be beneficial.  First, find... Read more »

Avoiding Halloween Cavities

Halloween is quickly approaching, and though your little gremlins may want to feast on the spoils of their trick-or-treating with abandon, this isn’t the best idea. To prevent cavities at this time of year, form a plan. This plan should protect your little monster’s teeth, but still allow him or... Read more »

Increased Fluoride Exposure Can Help Restore the Strength of Your Tooth Enamel to Help Prevent Cavities

When you struggle to maintain a consistent daily oral hygiene routine, the excess plaque acids in your mouth can start to increase. As time goes on it can start to gradually demineralize your tooth enamel. This can allow the bacteria in your mouth to develop dental caries and other areas... Read more »

A Short Guide to Canker Sores

Canker sores are lesions that develop on the soft tissues inside your mouth. They can range from minorly irritating to very painful. You may wonder what exactly they are and what to do when you get them. That’s why we’ve created this basic guide to canker sores, so you know... Read more »

Smile Makeovers: Toothbrush Techniques

It's never too late to begin looking for ways to improve your oral health care. Superb oral hygiene often depends on constantly making changes and alterations to your oral health care to improve your overall quality of your oral health care cleaning techniques. This includes reassessing how you brush and... Read more »

Have Your Teeth Been Grinding? Seek Dental Care Today

Teeth grinding can be caused by many different things whether it’s stress in your daily life, anxiety, an abnormal or crooked bite, or a sleep disorder. It could even be a habit, and this grinding tends to be more commonly known as bruxism. Symptoms of teeth grinding include: - Lasting... Read more »