Which Dental Floss is Right for You?

With so many dental products at the store, how do you know which one is right for you? Here at Conroe Dental Associates in Conroe, Texas, we understand the overwhelming feeling people can get when it’s time to choose a great dental product. That is why our team is happy... Read more »

Enhancing Your Flossing Techniques

A major part of improving your oral health includes improving your everyday habits, including brushing and flossing. Small investments, such as brushing for two minutes, twice a day, and flossing once a day, are the foundation of a healthy smile. Let’s talk flossing. Even though flossing is a relatively easy... Read more »

Improve the Look of Your Smile with Dental Implants for the Summer Season

Improve the look of your smile with dental implants for the summer season. Dental implants are an extremely advanced form of tooth replacement therapy that uses artificial teeth to permanently replace missing ones by attaching them directly to the bone in your jaw. Dental implants are created to improve your... Read more »

Small Cavities Can Often Be Repaired with a Simple Filling

The natural bacteria living in your mouth are quick to exploit a compromised area of tooth enamel. This is even more likely to be an issue if you are inconsistent with your daily oral hygiene habits. Once it gains a foothold, the bacterial presence can spread to form a cavity.... Read more »

How to Use High-Tech Flossing Instruments Like Water Flossers

Water flossers are high-tech, handy, and beneficial tools that deeply clean your smile without the need for slimy fingers and floss. However, because they are so high tech, many people have a hard time properly operating them. So, if you’re one of these people, Dr. Christopher Burton and our dental... Read more »

Are Six-Month Braces the Right Alignment System for You?

At Conroe Dental Associates in Conroe, Texas, Dr. Christopher Burton is pleased to offer 6-Months Braces for our patients seeking straighter smiles. These braces offer an aligned smile in less time than traditional smile alignment treatments. Are you considering a smile alignment treatment? If so, considering the following questions will... Read more »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Here at Conroe Dental Associates, we endeavor to use our new blog as a regular means for publishing valuable content for our community through monthly blog posts. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re able to further explore some of the most important topics pertaining to our industry and... Read more »