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Your gums play an important role in helping to anchor your teeth in your mouth as well as protecting the relationship between dental roots and the underlying bone structure. Gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene can weaken the integrity of your periodontal tissues. Left untreated, a severe form of gum disease can gradually cause your gumline to recede. As this continues to progress, it could allow concentrated bacterial deposits to accumulate near the roots of your teeth. This can eventually lead to the loss of multiple teeth.

Sometimes dental implants and implant-supported dental bridges can be used to replace the missing or compromised teeth. However, this treatment process could require multiple oral surgeries to fully restore sufficient healthy bone structure to secure the titanium dental implants. If you are not comfortable with this, a dentist like Dr. Christopher Burton might recommend extracting whatever remains of the compromised teeth to prepare your mouth for a complete denture. A denture is comprised of artificial teeth that will be set into a pink material that serves as a base and mimics the appearance of natural gum tissues. While the base will closely match your existing gum structure, you might want to also apply a little denture adhesive when putting their dentures each morning. This will help secure the dentures in place while also helping to block stray food particles.

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