We are pleased to be one of the first dental practices to use Vibraject™. This simple yet innovative technology allows Dr. Gina Khong to administer painless shots during your dental treatments. Great for both children and adults, Vibraject makes your dental visit more enjoyable and comfortable. We invite you to call Conroe Dental Associates at 936-756-9884 to schedule an appointment with our dentist to start receiving Vibraject painless injections in Conroe, Texas.

Do shots make you nervous? For some people, even the idea of getting a shot can deter them from visiting the dentist or doctor. With Vibraject, you don’t have to worry about the pain or discomfort of getting a shot. By using high frequency vibration, Vibraject removes the pain and sensation of feeling a needle. Before you know it, the shot is done, and you didn’t feel a thing!

Vibraject is based on the Gates Control Theory. This theory suggests that the nerve endings which respond to vibrations are larger and more insulated that those which respond to pain. This means that vibration signals travel to the brain more quickly than pain signals. So when vibration and pain signals occur at the same time, the vibrations predominate the pain and your brain doesn’t even have a chance to register the pain signals before your shot is over. All patients can feel is a slight vibration instead of the pinching pain of a needle.

Vibraject is a small device that snaps onto the needle syringe. Before inserting the needle, our dentist simply turns on the Vibraject appliance, and it begins vibrating the needle at a high frequency. Patients may hear a hum, but because the needle is vibrating, these vibrations are picked up first by your nerves, and thus do not transmit any feelings of pain. Vibraject allows our dentist to administer painless injections to our patients while still maintaining accurate and effective shots. For more information, please call or visit our office today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.