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Has your child or teen told you they are interested in being a dentist? If so, that’s great news! Being a dental professional is a great career choice. There are many reasons why being a dentist can be a wonderful career, like:

-Dentists do more than detect cavities. They fix and improve smiles too!

-Dentists work in more places than just the dental clinic, like hospitals, laboratories, the military, and even in schools.

-Dentists help people feel and look better.

-Dentists help the overall body because certain dental issues can have a relationship with major health problems in the body.

-Dentists get to use science and art every day.

-Dentists are their own boss and they can run their own business, which makes it possible to work your own schedule and work by your own philosophies.

Now, it’s never too early to start planning for your child or teen. As you may already know, many years of education are involved in the dental career. So, the sooner your son or daughter works on the requirements, the better. Typically, an undergraduate degree is needed as well as 8 hours of Biology (with a lab), 8 hours of Physics, 8 hours of English, 8 hours of General Chemistry (with a lab), and 8 hours of Organic Chemistry (with a lab) to get into dental school. So, encourage your child to keep these classes in mind as they register for their schooling.

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