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If you are looking to clean between your teeth, dental floss will need to be used. Dental floss utensils are highly effective interdental cleaning tools designed to reach areas between teeth that traditional tools such as brushes cannot reach. Through the use of dental floss, you can rinse out and clear away debris and plaque that may be present.

Two highly effective forms of flossers include threaded floss and water flossers. If you wish to forgo the use of a water flosser, threaded flossers can be used to clean between teeth with durable strands of thread. However, make sure the thread will not fray or shred during use. Ideally, a flossing session should occur every day and last for at least two to three minutes per session. Make sure to never use the same section of a strand more than once and never use the same strand for more than one session. This is important to avoid recontamination.

If you struggle with traditional floss, try implementing alternative flossing tools such as water flossers. Forgo the use of thread and instead, use steady gushes of water to wash out debris and plaque buildup between teeth. For product recommendations or suggestions, speak with our dentist in Conroe, Texas.

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