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Dental stains on the teeth in your mouth can be socially embarrassing. Even if you cut back on dark beverages, and tobacco use the discoloration of your tooth enamel will likely remain.

Many people in this situation find themselves tempted to experiment with the whitening products sold at the retail level.

However, Dr. Christopher Burton cautions that not all of these options are effective or even safe for removing moderate to severe dental stains.

In a situation like this, the safest course of action is to consult with a dental care specialist at Conroe Dental Associates. Dr. Christopher Burton and his staff have the professional training and experience to assess the severity of your dental stains and determine the safest method for whitening your smile.

The most effective solution for safely whiten your smile is often to have Dr. Christopher Burton administer a dental bleaching treatment. The professional tools, and techniques, at his disposal can remove significant dental stains without risking undue harm to your mouth.

Afterward, brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste, or using whitening strips that have been approved by the American Dental Association, can also help prevent new dental stains from developing on your front teeth.

If you live in the Conroe, Texas, area and you are struggling to deal with stubborn dental stains, you should call 936-756-9884 to set up a whitening consultation at Conroe Dental Associates’s dental offices.