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Bacteria are invisible tooth attackers. If left unchecked, they can burrow cavities in your tooth enamel. Fight back with composite fillings. If your tooth has a cavity that needs a composite filling, rest assured that our team at Conroe Dental Associates will give you the treatment necessary to deliver an enduring, hard-wearing filling.

Some important particulars relating to composite fillings consist of:

– If you are looking for a more natural-looking filling, composites have the additional advantage of matching the exact shade of your teeth.
– Typically, composite fillings can last more than a decade.
– If your composite fillings need to be repaired, the original fillings don’t have to be removed first.
– Composite fillings are used on front teeth and back teeth.
– Composite fillings don’t contain mercury, which some people might be allergic to.
– Composite fillings are tremendously durable and more resilient to cracking in smaller cavities than amalgams.

If you have a cavity that needs to be mended, our dentists at Conroe Dental Associates can provide you with tooth-colored composite fillings. To book an appointment with Dr. Christopher Burton at our office in Conroe, Texas, just call us at 936-756-9884. Your victory over cavities has never been easier!